Ralph & Russo Haute Couture Autumn/Winter 2014-15 (x)


Shoes at Chanel Haute Couture Spring 2014

i. when you smile i can hear my heartbeat
in my ears again.

ii. i haven’t been able to locate my heart
for so long.

iii. you may think you’re nothing but you
seared across my night sky and now
everything is on fire. it’s nice to feel so warm.

iv. i cannot keep my pen from writing about
you; the constellations on your skin, the
mountain range of your spine, the valleys
of your fingers, the oceans in your heart -
they’re all screaming to be mapped.

v. i am a terrible cartographer.

vi. i’ve never wanted to kiss someone
as much as i want to kiss you.

vii. we’re both girls and the world will
be cruel to us but i want you still (i’m sorry).

viii. there’s a blaze in my throat only
you can put out.

ix. maybe one day i will give you a wreath
of violets.

x. my heart shudders every time i see
you with him. my bones are hollow.

xi. i could fly with my emptiness but sometimes
you call; i stay for those times -
i stay with cracked ribs.

– on loving a straight girl /// (d.s)

doc martens pascal boot (the classic eight-eye) now comes in a reproduction of the right panel of heironymus bosch’s garden of earthly delights